At your Service... at YOUR pace!

I'd rather work with you for MONTHS to find the right home
         and ensure you make the right decision
         than work with you for DAYS to sell you a house

I share your tears of joy when we finally find 'your' home, (and also your tears of frustration when it takes a while!). I feel absolutely and totally fulfilled when you finally move into your 'Perfect Home'. Where your babies will grow up or you will enjoy successful business years or where you will retire in comfortable and familiar surroundings.

NO Pressure. Seriously. NEVER any pressure.

I LOVE working with Buyers, and I have the patience of Jobe. Some REALTORS® find Buyers too time consuming. I have always been in this business for the long term. I value my clients and my integrity, and I guarantee that I'll make as much time for you as you need. You will never, EVER feel pressured to proceed. Notorious for discouraging my Buyers from rushing into a move that may not be quite right.

Believe me ...I often wish our time together never came to a close Buyers become friends, or my surrogate kids or parents. We so much enjoy working together.

You REALLY DO need to be represented.

Now, even more than ever before, you need professional representation. If you are reluctant to work with a REALTOR®, please meet with several REALTORS® so that you can discuss your concerns and begin to fully understand why you need representation. Then, find a REALTOR® you trust, and form a professional relationship. Sellers' Rights are now reserved, and Buyers will need protection more than ever.

I Offer a fast, 20 minute NO OBLIGATION "Let's Meet and See"
at my office or in your home

  • I'll help you establish your price range, time frame, needs, wants & priorities
  • Assist you with obtaining and understanding mortgage pre-approval as needed
  • Explain current market conditions and discuss how they may affect your purchase, both now and upon resale
  • Research ALL potential Homes for Sale, including MLS Listings, private sales & new construction
  • Provide you with professional, accurate, detailed and timely information
  • Schedule property showings to fit your schedule
  • Research stats & history to determine Market Value
  • Prepare a clean, professional Offer reflecting your decisions & protecting your interests
  • NEGOTIATE professionally, strongly &swiftly on your behalf
  • Obtain the best possible price, conditions & results for you, with the least possible stress
  • Advise you with respect to inspections & attend inspections with you
  • Assist you with details involved in closing your purchase & preparations to move
  • Stay in touch with you after your move to ensure you are wholly satisfied

I have a WEALTH of knowledge to share with you, and I take great pride in being YOUR REALTOR®!

Some testimonials

We thought we could do this ourselves, and we lost out on 3 homes before we saw one of your listings. When we met you, we felt an instant connection, and we decided to work with you. Well, you said everything happens for a reason, and we believe that now ... you helped us understand exactly what we wanted, and you gave us back our confidence. We are so happy in our new home, and can't thank you enough for taking us under your wing!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We could never have done this without you! We are the happiest couple on earth, we got the house everybody else wanted, and you made it happen. Your negotiating skills are amazing. We cannot thank you enough!

We were afraid to work with one real estate agent, but we were not finding the right places on our own. Over the 7 months we spent looking at houses with you we learned that there is so much more to know than we thought there was. We would never have thought about the details you told us about, and it ended up saving us from the worst decisions. We are sorry it took us so long, but we Love our house and we are so thankful for your patience.


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