Seven Ways to Set Up your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Your home is your haven, and your bedroom is your retreat. At the end of a busy day, you want to be able to forget about the outside world and focus on getting a good night’s sleep. Does your bedroom beckon you with a restful and relaxing ambiance? If not, here are some simple ways to create a bedroom that is comfortable, peaceful, and perfect for catching zzz’s ...

1. Clean and de-clutter

Clean your bedroom to help clear your mind. Tidy away clothes, papers, dishes and anything else that is not conducive to relaxation. Get into the habit of hanging clothes in the closet or putting them in the laundry basket rather than heaping them on the nearest chair. Now all you have to do is vacuum, dust or polish, and you’ve made a great start.

2. Decorate for relaxation

Keep the colours in your bedroom neutral using soft, light tones. If you prefer a little more colour, you can contrast the walls with deeper, dramatic shades in your accessories, such as pillows and throws. Add some greenery – a healthy plant can act as an air filter and absorb potential toxins from furniture or carpets.

3. Create a breeze

Consider installing a ceiling fan in your bedroom. Ceiling fans can add an attractive decorative touch while providing a soothing breeze and ventilation. Ceiling fans are also great for muffling external noises, so you can drift away to sleep uninterrupted.

4. Lose the lights

Exposure to even moderate levels of light at night can throw off the body's internal clock. Consider room darkening shades or curtains to help keep the light out while you rest. When adding light is necessary, use soft white lights or candles to help create serenity.

5. Play some soft sounds

Classical music can set a tranquil mood. A CD of natural sounds (waves or rain), or even a small water fountain in your room can provide a calming effect and quiet an active mind. Some people find a white noise machine to be comforting as well.

6. Keep distractions out

Keep the computer, T.V., and PDA out of the bedroom. Stimulating the mind before trying to get a good night’s sleep is counter-productive. Electronic devices can be very distracting. It’s important to make a mental separation between your bedroom and the outside world so you can concentrate on sleeping.

7. Set up snug bedding

There’s nothing more inviting at the end of a day than falling into a comfortable bed with a good quality mattress, clean sheets and plump pillows. Cool cotton sheets are lovely to slip into in the summer, while flannel provides winter warmth and jersey knits offer a happy medium, cozy without being too heavy, suitable for the spring and fall.

Now all you have to do is keep the temperature just right. Most people sleep best in a slightly cooler room. Adjust the windows and/or thermometer to find the optimal temperature for you.

Sleep tight!

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