The 4th "R"

The Fourth ‘R’: Teaching the Next Generation about Reading, ‘Riting, ‘Rithmetic... and Relationships

In 800 high schools across Canada, the foundations of effective education – reading, writing and arithmetic – are being met by a new essential subject: relationships. A new and innovative curriculum called ‘the 4th R Project’ is teaching youth how to navigate safe and healthy relationships at this critical time in their lives.

The Royal LePage Foundation is leading the way to make a long-term difference in violence education and prevention as a major partner and the founding donor of this curriculum based approach. Through the support of our agents and brokers, we are working to end the cycle of abuse by helping to teach the next generation how to prevent dating violence, bullying, substance abuse, and unsafe sexual behaviour.

And it’s working!

A five-year randomized control trial (1,700 students in 20 schools) found that students who received The Fourth R Project exhibited significantly fewer acts of violence towards a dating partner by the end of grade 11, compared to those who received standard Health classes.

"The Fourth R would not be where it is today if it were not for the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation’s generous gift. By supporting our early efforts to develop a universal, school-based strategy for preventing violence in relationships, we were able to set up a sustainable network of educators, researchers, and community partners that is growing at a fast pace. This network now facilitates efforts to bring prevention resources and training to schools throughout Canada, and brings us closer to our goal of ensuring that the next generation of youth will promote healthy, positive relationships. The backing and support of the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation has had an immense impact not only on the Fourth R, but on the field of violence prevention."
- David A. Wolfe, Ph.D., ABPP, the Fourth R Project

Let’s put abuse out of commission!

‘Creating safer homes and safer communities’

If you would like to join our campaign to end violence, donations can be made online at

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